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Starting Off

On this page, we introduce tips on how to enrich online classes and activities. We do this in a form by which you can search based on what you would like to do.

On this portal site (utelecon), we bring together information useful to improving online classes and activities. The page Effective Use of Online Resources also contains various information, so please reference it together with this.

I Want to Use Tools to Arrange Classes

I Want to Create and Share Videos

There are times when you want to create videos for on-demand class material and the like. Here, we show you how to create a video. We explain concretely how to film the video, edit it (e.g., cutting, inserting captions), compress it, and share it with others.

I Want to Explain by Handwriting on a Blackboard

Here, we introduce ways to handwrite on something like an online blackboard when holding class. Roughly broken up, there are three methods.

I Want to Arrange a Way to Take Questions

By creating the proper atmosphere — for example, by using tools to facilitate taking questions and allowing people to ask anonymously — you can increase the number of questions from students, providing a more enriched learning environment. Here we introduce methods for creating an environment conducive to asking questions.

I Want to Prepare Group Presentations Online

I Want to Promote Exchange among Students Online

In order for work to go smoothly, it is also important to promote extracurricular activities, such as out-of-class group work and club activities. By making the most of online tools, it is possible to deepen relationships even more than when face to face.

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