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Questions regarding classes in general

Q. What should I do if I cannot join an online class?

Q. How do I take attendance?

Some options for taking attendance are:


General Questions

Q. How do I create a university account?

Q. Is this service free?

Q. Do I need to sign in to my UTokyo Zoom Account?

Q. I received the error message “ Error AADSTS50105…” and cannot sign in to Zoom.

Q. My account license type is shown as “Basic”, instead of “Licensed”.

Trouble joining a meeting

Q. The message “Please wait for the host to start this meeting” (or similar) is shown.

Q. The message “This meeting is for authorized attendees only” (or similar) is shown.

Q. The message “Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon” (or similar) is shown.

Q. “This meeting has reached its maximum number of participants.” is displayed.

Q. “Enter Meeting Passcode” is displayed.

Q. “This meeting is locked by the host” is displayed.

Q. “Invalid address” is displayed.

Specific Use

Q. How can I restrict the meeting room to on-campus access only?

Q. How can I take attendance using Zoom?

Q. How can I assign omnibus speakers or TAs as hosts?

Q. An error message “Invalid username” is displayed during registration.

Q. How can I host a large meeting (more than 301 people) in zoom?

Q. Can I use my UTokyo Zoom account to host meetings and events outside the university?

Q. How can I edit a single occurrence of a recurring meeting?

Q. Can I host multiple meetings at the same time?

Q. How can I assign an alternative host?

Breakout Rooms

Q. Can I pre-assign students to breakout rooms?

A. Yes, you can pre-assign students to breakout rooms by importing a CSV file containing each student’s email address and pre-assigned room name. To import a CSV file, access the Zoom web portal, and go to “MY ACCOUNT”->”Meetings”->”Edit”->”Meeting Options”->”Breakout Room pre-assign”. Please note that students need to sign into the Zoom meeting using the email addresses in the CSV file.

Related article: ”Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms

Q. Can I extend breakout time after the breakout session has started?

To be able to extend your breakout time, select the “Notify me when time is up” option when you create the breakout session. Once the session time is over, you will receive a notification. Select “keep breakout rooms open” to extend session time.

Q. Is there an effective way to sort students on the participant list to make grouping easier for breakout sessions?

A. Sorting students on the participant list can be done easily by changing the students’ “Display name”. During the Zoom meeting, ask your students to add numbers or discussion topics to the beginning of their “Display name” (e.g. “01 Smith”, “ Topicxxx Smith”). The students with the same number/discussion topic will show together on the participant list, making it easier to assign them to the same group.

Q. Can the co-host create a breakout room?

A. Yes, the co-host can create a breakout room for December 2020 version 5.4.6 or higher. Please try updating your Zoom App if the feature is not enabled.

Q. Can the co-host join a breakout room?

A. Co-hosts can freely join/leave breakout rooms, just like the host.

ECCS Cloud Email (Google Workspace)

Q. What is ECCS Cloud Email?


For more information, please refer to “ECCS Cloud Email (Google Workspace)”

Q. How can I start using ECCS Cloud Email?

Q. I cannot access Google Drive and files exclusive to UTokyo. What can I do?

Q. I forgot my password / I cannot change my password. What can I do?

Q. What is the difference among 10-digits-ID@utac, 10-digits-ID@g.ecc, and xxxx@g.ecc (email address named after your choice) email addresses?

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Q. I cannot sign into Microsoft Office. What can I do?

Q. I cannot edit after signing in. What can I do?


Q. What is UTAS?

UTAS is the academic affairs system of UTokyo. For students, UTAS allows syllabus browsing, course registration and grades checking. For faculty members, syllabus registration, grade registration and course enrollment status checking are available via UTAS.

Q. I cannot sign into UTAS. What can I do?

Q. 「[Error] あなたは現在このシステムを利用することができません」is shown and sign-in is unavailable. What can I do?


Q. What is ITC-LMS?

UTokyo Account

Q. I cannot sign into the UTokyo Account User Menu. What can I do?

Q. An user ID error occurs when I attempt to reset my UTokyo Account password. What can I do?

Q. I reset my password but did not receive any confirmation mail. What can I do?

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