UTokyo Account

What is UTokyo Account?

  • UTokyo Account is a university-wide account that is required to use the ICT systems of the University of Tokyo. Students, faculty and staff of the University of Tokyo are required to sign in with this account to use various ICT systems.
    • Even if you do not currently have an account, a UTokyo Account can be issued if necessary. If you wish to obtain an account, please contact the relevant office of your department (students should contact the academic office, and faculty and staff members should contact the personnel department).
  • The username of UTokyo Account is represented by a 10-digit number and is also called the “Common ID”. In the ICT systems, a 10-digit Common ID followed by @utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp, which indicates that you are a member of the University of Tokyo, is sometimes used, such as 0123456789@utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp.
    • The “10-digit Common ID + @utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp” is not an email address that can be used normally.
    • System notification emails sent to “10-digit common ID + @utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp” may be forwarded to the ECCS Cloud Email (Google Workspace), but you cannot send emails using “10-digit common ID + @utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp”.
  • For more information on the services available through the UTokyo Account, please see the UTokyo Account Service Directory and the “Systems of the University of Tokyo” page (in Japanese).

Notes on using UTokyo Account

  1. UTokyo Account is granted to members of the university who are systematically accepted and managed by the university. (It will not be granted to those who are not systematically accepted by the university.)
  2. The services available through the UTokyo Account vary depending on the user’s identity, affiliation and so on.
  3. To use the UTokyo Account and ICT systems that require a UTokyo Account, you must comply with the UTokyo Guidelines for Information Ethics and Computer Use. (Reference: UTokyo Policy for Information Security)
  4. If you use the system inappropriately or cause safety issues that are against the Information Ethics and Computer Usage Guidelines for using the UTokyo Account and ICT systems that require a UTokyo Account, your account will be suspended.
  5. Please refer to the information on this website for details on using UTokyo Account.

How to start using UTokyo Account

Changing the Initial Password for your UTokyo Account

  1. You will receive the “Notification regarding password for the UTokyo Account”, which will include your initial password from your faculty or graduate school.
    • Students: You should receive this notification well before classes start; however, if you do not, please contact your faculty/graduate school. (The notification is available to first year undergraduate students at the web registration system starting March 21, 2024.)
    • Faculty and staff members: Faculty members who need it for classes should receive the notification, but if you have not, please contact the relevant office of your faculty/graduate school.
  2. Please log in to the “UTokyo Account User Menu” below with the username and password indicated on the notification.

    UTokyo Account User Menu

  3. Click “Password Change” on the upper left to change your password (you cannot use the services with your initial password). When choosing a new password, make sure that you use a password that sets the strength indicator to “strong” or “very-strong”.

    Currently, there is a problem with Safari on macOS, iPhones, and iPads, where the password entered by the password autofill function fails to allow you to sign in after you have set a password for your UTokyo Account. To avoid this problems, please do not use the automatically generated password, but create a password of your own manually or by some other means, and be sure to remember it (or write it down in a safe place). Please refer to this announcement for more information on how to deal with the problem of signing in (in Japanese).

Setting up “Multi-Factor Authentication for your UTokyo Account”

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security process in which users prove their identity using at least two pieces of evidence. In addition to passwords, users are asked to verify their identity via SMS, authentication applications, or other methods when signing into their accounts. To improve the overall security of the university, UTokyo requires that you enable multi-factor authentication for your UTokyo Account. Please follow the setup procedures in the “Initial Setup Procedures for Multi-Factor Authentication for UTokyo Accounts”.

Currently, some systems cannot be used until multi-factor authentication is enabled, and we plan to gradually expand the number of systems that are subject to such settings. For details, please refer to “Multi-Factor Authentication is Mandatory for UTokyo Account”.

Attending the Information Security Education

UTokyo is conducting various initiatives for the improvement of information security, all of which are detailed on “Information Security at UTokyo” page. A prime example of these initiatives is the implementation of the annual Information Security Education for all UTokyo Account holders. You will be notified when the implementation period arrives, so please ensure to pass the test.

For details about the timing and the procedure of the course, kindly refer to the Information Security Education page. Once you complete the course, you will be able to use UTokyo Wi-Fi, UTokyo VPN, and UTokyo Slack.

Relevant initial setup

Once you have completed the above tasks, please also refer to the following pages.

Sign in to the ICT systems with your UTokyo Account

UTokyo Account provides access to a variety of ICT systems. The sign-in methods vary depending on the situation.

  • When the following screen (with an image of Yasuda Auditorium) is displayed, you can sign in with your 10-digit Common ID and password.
  • If the image of Yasuda Auditorium does not appear and the sign-in screen appears as shown below, please enter “10-digit common ID + @utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp”.

Many of the ICT systems that allow users to sign in using their UTokyo Account are linked to each other, so that once a user has signed in with their username and password on one ICT system, the user does not subsequently need to enter the username and password to use another ICT system. This behavior is called Single Sign-On (SSO).

About passwords

Validity period of a password

If you are using Multi-Factor Authentication, your password does not expire. Otherwise, your password is valid for 397 days (1 year + 1 month) after it is changed. The expiration date of the current password can be checked from the User Menu.

Changing passwords

You can change your password from the “Password Change” menu on the User Menu. The password can be changed even if it has expired, so there is no need to reset or reissue a password.

If you forget your password

If you forget your UTokyo Account password, you can sign back into your account using the following steps.

Reset your password by email

If you have registered your email address in advance on one of the following, you can reset your password using that email address.

  • Security info page.
    *This email address is registered during the step 1 of Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication. If you wish to register directly on this page, please follow the steps below.
    1. Access Security info page.
    2. Click “Add sign-in method” button.
    3. In the “Which method would you like to add?” field, select “Email” and click “Add”.
    4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • (For students including accounts that are both students and faculty and staff members) “E-MAIL 1” field on the “Register Address Update, etc.” page in the “Student Info” section of UTAS.
  • (For faculty and staff members excluding accounts that are both students and faculty and staff members) “学内メールアドレス” (Campus Email Address) in the “パーソナルメニュー” (Personal Menu) of the Personnel Information Myweb
    • The email address for this purpose must end with u-tokyo.ac.jp.

The procedure for resetting the password is as follows.

  1. Access password reset page.
  2. The following “Get back into your account” will appear. Enter “10-digit Common ID + @utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp” in the “Email or Username” field, and the text in the image below it, then press “Next”.

    When the error message “You can’t reset your own password because you haven’t registered for password reset.” appears Since your email address is not registered in the system, a notification email cannot be sent to you and therefore your password cannot be reset. Please reissue a password from the help desks. Once your password has been reissued, please register your email address in UTAS (for students) or Personnel Information MyWeb (for faculty and staff).

  3. Confirm that a part of your pre-registered email address is displayed. You will receive an email notification with a confirmation code to reset your password.
  4. When you receive the email, follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder or make sure that you are not using a different email address.
    • UTokyo Account passwords must be between 12 and 64 characters in length, include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols and must not include space , double quotation ", dot ., or backslash or yen mark \.

Reissue a password from the help desks

If you have not registered your email address, or if the above procedure does not work, please contact the following help desks to reissue your password.

  • The academic office of our college/faculty/graduate school (students only).
    • Please bring your Student ID card.
  • Personnel department of your department (faculty and staff members only)
  • ECCS Help Desks
    • Students must bring their Student ID card, and faculty and staff members must bring their Staff ID card.
    • The Help Desks are located in the Information Education Building (Komaba Campus), Information Technology Center (Asano Section, Hongo Campus), and Fukutake Hall (Hongo Campus).

After completing the procedures, you will receive a “Notification regarding password for the UTokyo Account” containing your initial password. Please change your initial password to a new one, referring to “Task: Change the initial password” in How to start using UTokyo Account. (You cannot use the ICT services with your initial password.)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

UTokyo Account has adopted the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). If you set up Multi-Factor Authentication, you will be asked to confirm your identity via SMS or an authentication application in addition to your password, when signing in to your account. For more information, please refer to the Using Multi-Factor Authentication for UTokyo Accounts page.

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