Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for UTokyo Accounts


Multi-factor authentication is available for UTokyo Accounts to improve the security of ICT systems in the University of Tokyo.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security process where users are asked to enter passwords as well as verify their identity via SMS or authentication apps when signing in to their accounts. MFA can make your account more secure by reducing the risk of unauthorized sign-ins even if your password has been compromised.

Users with UTokyo Accounts can enable MFA by completing the initial setups for their account individually, and we are asking all users to enable MFA. Therefore, some of the information systems are set to be unavailable until MFA is enabled, and we plan to gradually increase the number of information systems subject to such a setting. For details, please refer to the Multi-Factor Authentication is Mandatory for UTokyo Account page.

We ask the UTokyo Account users to enable MFA because maintaining the security of UTokyo Account is crucial to protect not only the information of individual users but also the information assets of the university.

MFA Initial Setup Procedure

Please refer to the following page for the initial setup procedure (things to do when you get started).

Initial Setup Procedures for Multi-Factor Authentication for UTokyo Accounts

If You Cannot Verify Your Identity and Failed to Sign In Due to Phone Malfunction or Model Change

Please refer to the following page if you lose access to every verification method (due to malfunctions, model changes, etc.) and are unable to sign in to your UTokyo Account.

Reregistering Verification Method and Terminating the Use of Multi-Factor Authentication for UTokyo Accounts

When you change your phone model, please note that you can avoid being locked out from your UTokyo Account by registering your new phone for MFA (see “Changing the Verification Method of Multi-Factor Authentication for UTokyo Accounts” for details) while your old phone is still available. Please make sure to complete this procedure in advance.


Other descriptions of MFA are separated into the following topics. Please visit the page of your interest

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