Preparing for online classes at the University of Tokyo (for new students enrolled in AY2021)

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Congratulations everyone, welcome to your new school.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our university has introduced online classes since the 2020 academic year. In this 2021 academic year, we will begin hybrid educational activities and incorporate face-to-face classes as much as possible after taking sufficient infection prevention measures.

We received positive feedback from students last year in a survey regarding their online learning experiences, owing to the effort spare on lesson delivery and other considerations. It is reported that certain features and educational effects, in which face-to-face instruction lacks, are realized in online classes. We will continue to strive for excellence in online teaching in the academic year 2021/22.

In this portal, we have made appropriate preparations to realize better online classes and to utilize our past experiences to achieve higher educational effect, making full use of the feedback, requests and ideas from students and faculty members of the University of Tokyo. We hope that this page will help you to start your university activities smoothly.

We, the faculty and staff of the University of Tokyo, would like to live up to your wishes so that you can enjoy face-to-face classes and campus activities without any anxiety, while protecting your health and prioritising secured academic opportunities. We will engage to ensure that you can effectively complete your study and have a fulfilling student life.

Director and Vice President (Education and Information Systems)
Tatsuya OKUBO

What type of online classes will be held at the University of Tokyo?

There are various types of online classes, but the “simultaneous interactive” type is mainly adopted at the University of Tokyo for which real time teacher-student interaction is performed with a web conference system application through audio and video exchanges. You can use this system to connect with dozens or hundreds of people in a class. The necessary preparations for using the system are explained in this page.

Apart from the aforementioned type of online classes, there is the “on-demand” type which students watch video recordings of classes, ask questions and discuss the contents via e-mail or chat tools. The “hybrid” type combines online classes with face-to-face instruction. It is noted that classes at the University of Tokyo are not online-only, some face-to-face instruction also remains. Owing to that students might have to take online classes in empty classrooms on campus before or after their face-to-face classes, depending on their timetable constraints.

What you need to prepare

Use of a range of information systems

You will be using a variety of information systems in your classes at the University of Tokyo. You should set up your account and practice the procedures for using these systems in advance. Below is a general view of the systems, and detailed procedures will be explained in subsequent sections.

Network environment and electronic devices

In order to take online classes, you will need an Internet environment and equipment such as a computer. Here is an explanation of what you need to prepare.

Information on class URL

This section is coming soon.


Need help

If you have any problems, difficulties, or concerns about online classes, please contact the support desk. Common Supporters (student staff) and faculty members will assist you in solving your problems.

For example, the following questions and consultations are welcome.

Required procedures to use the information system

We will start by explaining essential tasks that must be done in order to use the information systems, such as creating an account. Please make sure to spare sufficient time to complete them before classes start. If you have any problems with the procedure, please consult the support desk.

Other procedures to use the information systems

Next, we will explain the procedures for checking and working with the various information systems in more detail, such as logging in to each system and accessing the pages dedicated to Todai accounts. Please make sure to complete the subsequent procedures before the start of classes so that you can take classes under perfect condition. If you have any problems during the procedure, please consult the support desk.

UTokyo Account

This is an account called “common ID” used in the University of Tokyo’s information systems. You can use this account to log in to each system.


This is used to view the syllabus for each class, register courses, and check your grades.


This is used for downloading class materials and submitting assignments (Learning Management System).


A web conference system used in most of the “simultaneous interactive” classes.


This is a web conferencing system used for some “simultaneous interactive” classes. The system is rarely used, so you can work on it when you need it.

ECCS Cloud Email (G Suite)

This system allows you to use Google systems such as Gmail with your Todai account. You can also have your Todai email address. There are some pages that can only be accessed with your Todai account. Even if you already have your own Google account, you need to activate your Todai account.

UTokyo Microsoft License (Microsoft 365)

Microsoft Office such as Word and Excel can be downloaded free of charge. As with Google, there are some pages that can only be accessed with a Todai account. Even if you already have your own Microsoft account, you need to activate your Todai account.

UTokyo WiFi

Wi-Fi service is available on campus. You will need it when you take online classes on campus. Please note that you cannot use it unless you have created an account in advance.

ECCS terminals

These are computers installed on campus. You can use them when you take online classes on campus. Please note that you cannot use them unless you have passed the “New User Information Seminar” course in advance.

More information

Thank you for your time. If you have any trouble with any of the steps so far, please consult the support desk.

This concludes the preparation procedures for taking online classes. The site, “Online Class / Web Conference Portal Site @ The University of Tokyo”, nicknamed “utelecon”, introduces a lot of information on how to use the information systems mentioned in this page. If you have any questions about the information systems in your classes, or if you are a member of a club or a study group, you may have opportunities to use web conferencing and other information systems on your own. Please visit this site to find out more.