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[Important] Changes in usage of UTokyo Wi-Fi due to renewal

About UTokyo Wi-Fi

UTokyo Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi service available to members of the University of Tokyo for educational and research purposes. Currently, UTokyo Wi-Fi is available in most classrooms on the Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa, and other campuses. Please refer to the Caution before using UTokyo Wi-Fi.

Before using UTokyo Wi-Fi



  1. UTokyo Wi-Fi is available only for the University’s education and research, as well as the business activities stipulated by the National University Corporation Act.
  2. UTokyo Wi-Fi is available to those who have agreed to the “Terms of Use for the University of Tokyo Wireless Network System (UTokyo WiFi)” and have applied to use the service.
  3. Only the applicant is allowed using UTokyo Wi-Fi. The account must not be lent to others. Please manage your so it will not be abused.
  4. UTokyo Wi-Fi will monitor communications and restrict access to sites supposedly inappropriate to ensure information security.
  5. UTokyo Wi-Fi account will be suspended when “Terms of Use for the University of Tokyo Wireless Network System (UTokyo WiFi)” are violated. (e.g. failure to attend the Information Security Education specified by the university)
  6. Please deal with a security incident immediately when you receive a notification for it while using UTokyo Wi-Fi.
  7. UTokyo Wi-Fi is provided for those who can set up their own devices by themselves.
  8. UTokyo Wi-Fi usage data may be disclosed to the public for the purposes of the university administration with the statistical process to make individuals not identified.

Information Security Education

The University of Tokyo conducts annual Information Security Education for all UTokyo Account holders. The beginning of the course will be notified (May for students and July for faculty and staff in the case of FY2022), so please be sure to take the course. Failure to complete the course will result in suspension of your UTokyo Wi-Fi privileges until the end of that academic year, and you will not be able to connect to UTokyo Wi-Fi. Once your account is suspended, you will not be able to log in to the account menu or create a new account.

If the course registration period has ended at the time of arrival or enrollment in the university In this case, your UTokyo Wi-Fi Account will not be suspended, and you will be able to use UTokyo Wi-Fi from the time of your arrival or enrollment. Please read carefully the "Information Security Education Materials" on the Information Security Education page before you start using UTokyo Wi-Fi. Information security education is provided every year, so please take the course from the next year onward.
If you have failed to complete information security training by the prescribed time The UTokyo Wi-Fi account will be suspended for the current year, so basically you will not be able to use UTokyo Wi-Fi until the end of the fiscal year. For more information on thepeople who have not yet taken the course, please contact jouhousecurity.adm__at__gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp (__at__ transfer to @) with your UTokyo Account username (10-digit common ID).

Using UTokyo Wi-Fi on Shared Devices

UTokyo Wi-Fi is only available on individuals’ own device: it is prohibited to use UTokyo Wi-Fi on a shared device by more than one person. Because it allows anyone other than the user who owns a UTokyo Wi-Fi Account to use the service, and it is considered to be lending of an account, which is prohibited by the Terms of Use. However, if the OS user account is set up separately for each individual, and the UTokyo Wi-Fi account can only be used by the person who has obtained it, UTokyo Wi-Fi is able to be used.

Steps to start using the service

Information on usage

Account expiration date

UTokyo Wi-Fi accounts expire at the end of April of the following fiscal year. New accounts can be issued before the start of each fiscal year, so if you want to continue using UTokyo Wi-Fi, you need to reissue an account each fiscal year.

Connect Configuration

SSID 0000UTokyo / UTokyo-WiFi
Security WPA2-Enterprise (802.1X)
Encryption CCMP (AES)
Authentication Method PEAP MSCHAPv2 (EAP-MSCHAPv2)
Server Certificate Either of the following will be used:
  • Name (Common Name): acm.wifi.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • Issued by: NII Open Domain CA - G7 RSA
  • Root Certificate: Security Communication RootCA2
  • Fingerprint SHA-1: 6D:F0:B1:18:F1:8F:16:A5:D3:94:AC:E2:26:7A:C1:0A:F2:94:B1:37
  • Fingerprint SHA-256: 6F:CF:A6:06:B1:45:C2:23:53:E7:BA:D7:B4:08:B3:CD:22:DA:80:A0:1A:6A:E3:91:9A:3A:47:E6:C0:6A:AB:46
  • Name (Common Name): netacm.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • Issued by: NII Open Domain CA - G7 RSA
  • Root Certificate: Security Communication RootCA2
  • Fingerprint SHA-1: 03:03:47:10:4B:AC:1A:95:8F:D9:E2:C1:8E:8C:D3:05:D2:02:20:AF
  • Fingerprint SHA-256: C9:22:73:7E:B4:0A:5C:21:4F:0B:01:D4:34:E3:2B:5E:7A:63:A6:50:FB:2B:BE:FB:63:F7:4E:27:5D:1D:60:E4
* If you are prompted to enter the "domain" of the certificate, enter u-tokyo.ac.jp.

Security measure

The network of UTokyo, including UTokyo Wi-Fi, is secured by UTokyo Campuswide Firewall and other measures to ensure information security.


Troubleshooting and Inquiries

If you encounter any problems when using the system, please check the following points first.

If you still have trouble, please contact Technical Support Desk. Please understand the following points when making inquiries.

ECCS Tutors, the student staff, are located at several places on campus and available for face-to-face, in-person consultation.