Effective Use of Online Resources


This page introduces how to utilize various online tools in university experiences and their actual implementation. Utilizing online tools improves not only online class quality, but also potentially university experience in various areas, including teaching and learning, research, work, and extracurricular activities. For example, by leveraging online conferencing systems, students/faculty/staff in distant locations can share ideas and information more actively.

To support university members who are looking for ways to leverage online resources, we have compiled useful information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-access manner. Such information include articles posted on “utelecon” (this portal site) to introduce online tools, information shared by UTokyo members regarding utilization of online resources, and useful articles posted outside of the UTokyo website.
We also plan to further enrich this page with more methods and practical examples of utilizing various resources, based on our experiences with online classes and activities from academic year 2020 and onward.
Please keep checking back for more updates.

For those who are not yet prepared to use UTokyo’s ICT system, please access

Ways of Utilizing Online Resources

For your easy reference, several filtering options are available for you to look up ways of utilizing online resources. We hope they help you find relevant tips to enhance your online classes and activities.

  • Search by Tool
    • For users who are interested in better use of online tools.
    • For users who have questions such as “I need to use online tool XXX in my online class, but don’t know how to use it.”, “What are the features and functions of online tool XXX?”.
  • Search by Purpose
    • For users who want to find tools that best match their purpose and learn how to use them.
    • For users who have questions such as “How can I create a video?”, “How can I handwrite on online boards?”.
  • Utilizing Online Resources in Teaching (in Japanese)
    • This page summarizes useful information on conducting online classes at UTokyo, where online resource support is in great need.
    • For users who want to learn to improve their online classes.
    • For users who have questions such as “How can I deliver an online class?”, “What tools should I use in my online class?”, “How can I make my online class more effective?”.

Utilizing Online Resources in Practice

The following articles introduce how online resources are utilized in online classes and activities at UTokyo. The articles are full of useful information such as descriptions of issues that arose when actually using online tools and tips for combined use of online tools. We hope you will find them helpful.

  • Sharing Good Practices of Online Classes (in Japanese): This page shares good practices of online classes conducted at UTokyo. It includes interviews with professors who received a lot of positive feedback from students in the online class questionnaire.

  • Lunchtime Information Exchange Meeting: This is a luncheon seminar held once a week for the purpose of sharing useful information on online classes, such as practical examples (good practices) and ways to use various tools. Videos and materials of past meetings are also available for reference.

  • Online Class Questionnaire (in Japanese): This page sums up feedback on UTokyo’s online education collected through questionnaires. Ever since UTokyo started offering classes online due to COVID-19 infection prevention (almost 100% of classes were offered online in academic year 2020), UTokyo has been collecting feedback on online classes from both faculty and students and utilizing the questionnaire results to improve online classes.

  • Online Resources Shared by UTokyo Faculty and Staff Members: This page covers online resources that UTokyo faculty and staff members have shared with us. We would like to thank the members for their kind contributions. If you would like to share new materials with us, please follow the procedures on the page.

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