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Due to the new design rollout of Slack on October 27, 2023, the procedures described in this page may differ from the actual procedures. For more information on the new design, please refer to “Announcement of the Rollout of Slack’s New Design and Information Session” (in Japanese).

What is UTokyo Slack?

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) is introducing the business chat tool “Slack” as part of developments of a communication environment that covers a wide range of university activities and has been operating a trial version as “UTokyo Slack” since August 2022.

UTokyo Slack is a university-wide subscription to the “Enterprise Grid” plan of Slack, which is available to all university members. Although Slack may basically be used free of charge, under this paid plan, users can access past messages indefinitely, and use additional features such as multi-person “Huddle meetings”, “User groups” and a “Workflow builder”.

UTokyo Slack will be explained in three “UTokyo Slack Information Sessions” (in Japanese) for those who are interested in using UTokyo Slack. Recordings will be made available after the sessions. Please refer to them as well as this page.

Target users

UTokyo Slack is available to all members who have a UTokyo Account. To use UTokyo Slack, it is necessary to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for UTokyo Accounts and participate in the annual Information Security Education.

If you wish to use Slack with someone who does not have a UTokyo Account (i.e., someone outside the university), you can use the “Connect” feature to collaborate with an external workspace. (However, this is not always recommended, as it is not as easy to use as the regular workspace.) See “Using UTokyo Slack with external users with the “Connect” feature” (in Japanese) for details.

How to join a workspace

In UTokyo Slack, “Workspaces (WS)” function as communication units within UTokyo’s overall “Organization (OrG)”; it is the “Workspace” that you are going to join when you start using UTokyo Slack. There are two major ways to join a workspace: by joining an open workspace or by receiving an invitation from a specific workspace. Please refer to each description.

How to join an open workspace

Please refer to the following page on how to join an open workspace.

Joining an open workspace in UTokyo Slack

How to join by receiving an invitation from a specific workspace

Please refer to the following page for how to join by receiving an invitation from a specific workspace.

Join UTokyo Slack by receiving an invitation from a specific workspace

How to create and operate a workspace

Workspaces in UTokyo Slack are created upon request from faculty and staff. Please refer to the following page for details. You should note that UTokyo Slack workspaces are created within UTokyo’s overall “Organization” section, so the creation process and usage of UTokyo Slack workspaces are different from those of regular Slack workspaces.

Creation and operation of workspaces in UTokyo Slack

Incorporation (migration) of existing workspace

(September 2023) We have closed the admission for incorporation (migration) 12:00 PM, August 24, 2023. See announcements page (in Japanese) for details.

If you wish to use an existing workspace that you are currently using outside UTokyo Slack as a workspace in UTokyo Slack, rather than creating a new workspace, a special procedure called “incorporation (migration)” is required, and is only available on a limited basis. For details, please refer to the “Incorporation (migration) of existing workspaces into UTokyo Slack” (in Japanese) page.


Notes and details

Tips for utilization

The following information may also be helpful in using Slack as a place for communication.

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