How to join a online class

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This page explains how to join a “simultaneous interactive” online class conducted via web conference systems such as Zoom or Webex.

How to Obtain the Online Class URL

To participate in a “simultaneous interactive” online class, you will first need to obtain the online class URL (the URL of the class’s web conference room).

For details, please refer to ”How to Obtain the Online Class URL (for Students) “.

Sign in to the Web Conference System

For some classes, the web conference room is set up in ways that it is exclusive to UTokyo Accounts and non-UTokyo Accounts which attempt to join are placed in a “waiting room”. To avoid sign-in issues, it is recommended that you sign in to the web conference room well before class starts. If you are using Zoom as your web conference system, please see the Sign-in Methods for Zoom page for sign-in details.

Troubleshoot Issues of Entering the Web Conference System (in the case of Zoom)

If you have already obtained the online class URL, but are unable to enter the web conference room, please check the below troubleshooting list.

Note: The below list explains how to resolve issues specifically for Zoom, which is the most commonly used web conference system. However, such troubleshooting procedures are similar for other web conference systems (with a slight difference in the error messages).

Report Issues of Web Conference Room Entry

If you have checked the above troubleshooting list but still cannot enter the web conference room, please contact your instructor or the department/graduate school that hosts the class.

If you cannot reach your instructor or the department/graduate school, please submit the Consultation Form of utelecon Support Desk for assistance.Please make sure you select “Online Class Entry Troubles Reporting” from the “What is your inquiry?” section on the form.Your instructor or corresponding department/graduate school should contact you shortly.

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