What is UTAS?

UTAS is the Academic Affairs System of the University of Tokyo for browsing syllabus, course registration and checking grades.

How to login

  1. Access UTAS and click “Login”.
  2. Unless you have already signed in, the UTokyo Account sign-in page will be displayed. Please sign in.
Troubleshooting guide
  • Error message “[Error] あなたは現在このシステムを利用することができません (You are currently unable to use this system)“:
    • If your affiliation has changed (e.g., from undergraduate to graduate school), you will temporarily not be able to access UTAS. Please try logging in again later.
    • If the above case does not apply, please consult your faculty or department.
    • Some faculty and staff members (mainly those who do not teach classes) do not have UTAS accounts registered. Please consult the administrative office of your department.

How to register your email address (for students)

Students are required to register their own email address in UTAS. This email address will be used for communication from your faculty, graduate school and many others, as well as for use in UTokyo Account and relevant ICT systems.Please refer to the following procedures and ensure your emails get delivered.

  1. Click “Student Info” and then “Register Address Update, etc.” in the menu at the top.
  2. Ensure that you have registered a valid email address in the “E-MAIL 1” field.
  3. If there are no email addresses registered, or if the registered email address is incorrect, please change it to an existing email address that you own.


To download the UTAS manual, click “Other” in the top menu and then “Download Center”.

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