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What is Slido?

Slido is a web service that provides features such as Q&A, live polling, and surveys for interactive communication with participants in classes, conferences, and lectures.

Teachers can receive questions from students (Q&A) and ask students questions (live polling) in classes. Slido has the following advantages over Zoom chat.

Slido can also be used as a bulletin board where students can post their comments as well as questions.

For Students

If you use Slido as a student (i.e., if you are invited to Slido by the host), you need not prepare anything; just receive a URL or QR code from the host and access Slido. (If the host provides you with an “access code” instead of a URL or QR code, enter it in the input box at the top of the Slido top page to open the Slido screen.)

For more information about what you can do with Slido, please see ”What Students Can Do in Slido“.

For Hosts

How to use

In Slido, each room is called an “event”. If you want to use Slido as a host, you need to create an “event”. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Sign in with your UTokyo account.
  2. Create an event and check the URL to share it](create_event)
    • Change the settings](change_event_settings) if necessary
  3. Share the URL with students. In class, you may share the URL with students via Zoom chat.
  4. Check out students’ questions and vote on them. See ”What Hosts Can Do in Slido” for specific steps.

Slido Account and License for UTokyo Members

Slido can be used for free. However, you can use the paid features below by signing in with a UTokyo Webex account as Slido is linked to Webex .

It is recommended to sign in with a UTokyo account when using Slido in class.

Implementation and Practices

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