Methods for Zoom

An UTokyo Account is required to sign into Zoom. If you have not already set up your UTokyo account, please check “Preparing for online classes at the University of Tokyo (for new students)” or “Preparing for online classes at the University of Tokyo (for faculty members)” first.

The following instructions are for signing in with your UTokyo email address starting with the 10-digit UTokyo ID . To sign in with alternative email addresses (e.g. ECCS Cloud Email addresses with usernames of your choice, ) , please refer to “Using Zoom with Non-UTokyo Account Sign-in ”.

Signing in from the UTokyo Zoom Webpage

  1. Go to the UTokyo Zoom page (please note that this is a Zoom sign-in page for UTokyo members only, and is not a regular Zoom sign-in page).
  2. A page labeled “UTokyo Zoom” will appear. Click the “Config” button on this page.
    Troubleshooting guide: When you cannot see the page that says "UTokyo Zoom" after clicking on the link above. This happens when you are already signed in to Zoom with your existing account. Click the icon in the top right corner of the Zoom settings page and click “SIGN OUT." Then, return to the first step and access the UTokyo Zoom page again. If the issue is still not resolved, please consult the Technical Support Desk.
  3. Unless you have already signed in to your UTokyo Account, the sign-in page will be displayed. Please sign in.
  4. If you see “Licensed” with your Common ID after clicking the icon in the top right corner of the Zoom settings page (a human silhouette or a profile picture that you have set up), you have successfully signed into Zoom with your UTokyo account.

Signing in from the Zoom App

  1. Click “Sign In” on the Zoom app, and open the Zoom sign-in screen.
  2. On the Zoom sign-in screen, click “SSO” or “Sign in with SSO”. (You cannot sign in by entering your UTokyo Account email address and password.)
  3. Enter “u-tokyo-ac-jp” as your “company domain”. (Note that the characters before and after “ac” are hyphens, not underscores.)
  4. The UTokyo Account sign-in page will be displayed in the browser. Please sign in. (The sign-in page will not show up if you are already signed in with your UTokyo Account.)

If you have issues signing in, please reach out to Technical Support Desk for assistance.

Tutorial Video