2020/05/08 Briefing session: Using copyrighted materials in online classes


One month has passed since the online class started, in response to the spread of new coronavirus infection. Regarding the use of copyrighted materials, a revised Copyright Act will be put into force early on April 28, 2020 in light of the current situation. We will hold this briefing session as an opportunity to give a basic understanding of how it became possible to use copyrighted works in online classes.
 This briefing is intended for teachers who are actually in charge of education in each department, staff who support education, and TAs.
 At our university, we are currently working on Level 3 to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, so we will use Zoom for the briefing.


III/GSII Machiko SAKAI Associate Professor


“Use of copyrighted material in online classes” is the content for this briefing. In addition to the basic idea of ​​using copyrighted works a face-to-face style, Dr. Sakai will explain about the points of enforcement of the revised copyright law for about 40 minutes, following with time for questions and answers. Even during the explanation time, the facilitator will take up the question interactively as appropriate.

  • We will accept questions from those who have left over as long as time allows, even after the specified time.
  • We will answer questions on sli.do and chat at a later date.
  • Comments will be turned off on the youtube side, so if you have any questions, please visit sli.do if you have any questions.

Who can participate?

  • Teachers in charge of classes
  • Faculty members involved in educational support
  • TAs, Class Supporters

Application form

  • Briefing Session Information Sheet (To grasp the number of participants, please apply from the participation application form link at the top of the Excel sheet at this URL before May 8)

    • To access, you need to be signed in to Google with an ECCS cloud mail (xxx@g.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp) account.
    • If you have trouble accessing it, please sign in with ECCS Cloud Emailhere.
    • If you have never used ECCS cloud email, please click hereto make initial settings for account use.
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