Details on Zoom System Change for Spring 2021

Table of Contents

To facilitate online teaching and simplify technical operation, UTokyo ICT systems changes are in progress. This page is about the changes in the use of Zoom. For information about other ICT systems, see “System Change for Spring 2021”.

For the use of Zoom, ECCS Cloud Email ( and its password were previously indispensable. This is however no longer necessary. Logging in with UTokyo Account is now possible.

Date : March 14, 2021, 22:00 - March 15, 2021, 6:00 (Scheduled)

New Sign-in Method

After the transfer (scheduled on March 15, 6:00), for the use of UTokyo Zoom Account, please sign in by the following methods.

If you encounter any problems, please contact Technical Support Desk.

Signing in with ECCS Cloud Email (the use of and existing Zoom password) will be terminated after the transfer. Please sign in with the new methods.

Use of Zoom Before/After the Transfer

Basic Functions

UTokyo Member Restricted Zoom Meetings

Receiving Emails from Zoom

Signing in During the Transfer

The transfer is scheduled between March 14, 22:00 - March 15, 6:00. Users have to sign in with specific methods. Please check the following information in advance if you wish to use Zoom during the period.

Additional Information

Creating a New Account

Creating a new account is no longer necessary in the new system. Zoom accounts will be automatically generated from UTokyo Account. When starting to use Zoom after the transfer, read the instructions on “Accessing from Sign-in Page with UTokyo Account” in “New Sign-in Method”.

For more information, see “Preparing for Online Classes (for new students)” and “Preparing for Online Classes (for new faculty members)”.

In addition, please refrain from creating new accounts with existing procedures as problems may occur. Department administrators should pay special attention not to provide outdated information to new faculty members(i.e. creating a Zoom account with ECCS Cloud Email

Using UTokyo Zoom with a Different Email

If you are using UTokyo Zoom with an email other than the 10 digits-ID ECCS Cloud Email “” (e.g. email address named after your choice “”), signing in with UTokyo Account will not be available after the transfer.

If you wish to use this email address, signing in from the Zoom sign-in page with its password is temporarily available. Please note that it is impossible to sign in from UTokyo Zoom page using a non-10 digits-ID account.

As previously announced, these Zoom accounts are to be terminated. You are advised to switch to the 10 digits-ID account. Please read “Changing the Zoom Email Address” (currently Japanese only) on how to switch to the 10 digits-ID UTokyo Account “”, after the transfer.

Change in Zoom Meeting URLs

Along with the system change, URLs of Zoom meetings set up by UTokyo Accounts was changed to There will be no effects on participation in Zoom meetings.