Additional licenses for Zoom (Large meetings and Webinars)


With UTokyo Zoom Accounts, you can hold online meetings for a maximum capacity of 300 attendees and a maximum duration of 30 hours. Large Meetings for over 300 attendees and Webinars can also be held by applying for additional licenses beforehand. Here, we will explain how to apply for large meeting/webinar licenses.

Details and Terms of Large Meeting/Webinar Licenses

  • Please note that there is only a limited number of licenses. Licenses may not always be granted, especially for large meetings. Priority will be given to online class uses. Please also consider using alternative tools such as Webex (a meeting tool for up to 1000 attendees, which requires no license application and offers a webinar tool called Webex Webinars).
  • Only license applications from faculty/staff members are accepted . Students who wish to apply need to submit applications through faculty/staff members (faculty advisor or staff of Academic Affairs/Student Support Division).

Large Meetings

  • Licenses are available for Large Meetings with up to either 500 or 1000 attendees.
  • Licenses for online classes are granted for the whole semester (from the beginning to the end of the semester).


  • Licenses are available for Webinars with up to either 500 or 3000 attendees.
  • For online classes, please use Large Meetings instead of Webinars.
  • The maximum license period (from the license effective date to the license expiration date) per event is 1 month.

License Use Procedure

  1. Submit a license application form.

    • Please apply at least 1 week ahead (Large Meeting) / 2 weeks ahead (Webinar) of the day you wish to start using the license.
  2. The license will be granted to your existing Zoom account on the date indicated on your application form. (Note that the license is added to your existing Zoom account, and no separate account is issued for the additional license.) To confirm that a specific license has been granted,

    • Large Meetings: Access the Zoom Profile Page, and check that the number of participants in the “License Type” field has been changed to the number you applied for.
    • Webinars: Access the Zoom Webinar Page, and check that you are taken to the Webinar settings page instead of the homepage with a “Buy now” button.
  3. Edit the settings as necessary and host the Large Meeting/Webinar.

License Application Form

Zoom: Large Meeting / Webinar License Application Form

※ Please sign into Microsoft with UTokyo Account to access the application form.

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