Things You Can Do in Webex Meetings and Webex Webinars (as Host)

Table of Contents

Breakout Session

Hosts can set the number of breakout sessions, assign participants to breakout sessions, rename each breakout session, and set the time limits and countdown timers for breakout sessions.Please note that breakout sessions are not available for End-to-End Encrypted Meetings.

Locking your Webex Meeting

When hosting a highly confidential meeting, you may lock the meeting to prevent new participants from freely joining. Note that the Lobby fuction is not available in End-to-End Encrypted Meetings.

Lowering Participants’ Hands

Muting participants

Sharing restrictions

Entry and exit tone

Setting Participant privileges

Recording the Webex Meeting

Reclaiming Host Role

Exporting Attendance Report

  1. Click “Calendar” on the left side of the home page.
  2. Click “Completed” and select the meeting for which you wish to obtain the participant list.
    • Only meetings from the last 7 days are displayed by default. Search for earlier dates by selecting them from the date selector.
  3. The participant list will be displayed.You may export the information by selecting “Export attendance report”.
    • You may download the information as a CSV file containing details such as the participants’ names, e-mail addresses, and connection time.

Activating Slido

  1. Click the “Apps” button on the menu at the bottom of the screen during a Webex Meeting.
  2. When the application list appears, select Slido (Polling and Q&A).
  3. Slido will be activated.
    1. You may select an event prepared in advance on the host’s Slido Event List page.
    2. You may also create a new Slido event by clicking the “Create new Slido” button.
      • Slido events created in Webex meetings will be archived on the host’s Slido Event List page.

Operating Slido

  1. Switching between Polls and Q&A
    • You can switch between Polls and Q&A using the tabs.
    • You may click the launch/deactivate button (①) on the List tab to launch/deactivate the Poll.
    • New polls can also be created by clicking the Add Poll button (②) on the List tab.
    • The polling results can be viewed on the Live tab (③).
    • Basic operations are the same as that of the web version of Slido.
  2. Operating the Q&A Tab
    • You can answer and manage questions using the Q&A tab.
    • Basic operations are the same as that of the web version of Slido.

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