How to Obtain the Online Class URL (for Students)

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A specific URL is essential to participate in a “simultaneous interactive” online class. This page explains how to obtain the class URL.

Guidelines for Faculty Members

The “Online Course Information” section in ITC-LMS

Online class URLs (URLs of conference rooms such as Zoom) are normally posted in the “Online Course Information” section of ITC-LMS (Teachers are asked to update the information on ITC-LMS).

Such information can be found in the “Online Class Information” section at the top of each class page in the ITC-LMS. Alternatively, open the ITC-LMS menu at the top left to view a list of registered classes and selecti”Online Course Information”.

UTokyo Online Class Search (UTAS Lite2, UTIL Lite)

There are several ways to check the aforementioned information. While using ”UTokyo Online Class Search (UTAS Lite2, UTIL Lite)” is one way, checking the “Online Class URL” and “Online Class Contents” sections of UTAS, in which details are explained below, will serve the same purpose.

Please note that the displayed information may not be the latest as ITC-LMS information is updated every 10 minutes and the UTAS information is updated every hour.

Other Means to Obtain Class URL

For some classes, the URL information may be announced by other means. If you cannot find the class URL, try checking the following.

Teachers are asked to update the “Online Class Information” section in ITC-LMS. If they have no idea about it, encourage them to read ”How to Obtain the Online Class URL (for Faculty Members)“.

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