Reduction of the storage capacity of OneDrive with UTokyo Accounts

* This English edition is a brief summary. For full information, please see the Japanese version. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Changes made by Microsoft to the Microsoft 365 for Education specifications will reduce the cloud storage capacity available for UTokyo as a whole. As a result, the maximum OneDrive storage capacity allocated to individual members of UTokyo has to be reduced.

For students and employed faculty/staff, the capacity limit is planned to be reduced to 50 GB on 1 August 2024. Further details will be provided in due course, but if you are using a lot of storage capacity, please be prepared to reduce your data storage usage.

In addition, the other UTokyo Account holders (e.g., visiting faculty members etc. who do not have employment relationships) will have their storage capacities reduced to 100 GB as of 1 February 2024, before those mentioned above. If you are using more than 100 GB of storage capacity, please reduce your data storage usage as soon as possible. Their capacities are also planned to be reduced to 50 GB on 1 August 2024.


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