Changes in usage of UTokyo Wi-Fi due to renewal

The University of Tokyo is upgrading its network environment to improve the infrastructure for education and research activities. As a part of this effort, we have decided to update and enhance the university-wide wireless LAN service. Consequently, the usage of UTokyo Wi-Fi will be changed as follows starting in January 2023. If you are currently using UTokyo Wi-Fi, please check the following information as you will need to take necessary measures on your own in order to continue using the UTokyo Wi-Fi.

Please note that more information on UTokyo Wi-Fi is available on the UTokyo Wi-Fi page of the portal site “utelecon”, so please refer to that page if necessary.

The network name (SSID) for UTokyo Wi-Fi will change to 0000UTokyo

The network name (SSID) for the UTokyo Wi-Fi will change from UTokyo-WiFi to 0000UTokyo.

You can connect to the new network 0000UTokyo using your existing UTokyo Wi-Fi account.

Where to connect during the transition period

Since the updating process will take place following different schedules for each device on campus from FY2022 to FY2023, the network name (SSID) with which you can connect to the UTokyo Wi-Fi will differ from place to place during the transition period. Our aim is to try and update UTokyo Wi-Fi as quickly as possible so that 0000UTokyo can be used throughout the campus. Therefore, connecting to 0000UTokyo will basically be the smoothest way to use UTokyo Wi-Fi.

We believe there will be three possible scenarios.

  • Locations where only UTokyo-WiFi is available
    • Please connect to UTokyo-WiFi until 0000UTokyo becomes available. We plan to make it accessible by the end of February 2023.
  • Locations where both UTokyo-WiFi and 0000UTokyo are available
    • It is recommended that you connect to 0000UTokyo because UTokyo-WiFi may become unavailable as the update progresses.
  • Locations where only 0000UTokyo is available
    • Please connect to 0000UTokyo.

The procedure for issuing UTokyo Wi-Fi accounts will change

Starting from January 31, 2023, the procedure for issuing out a UTokyo Wi-Fi account will change as follows. Please note that your existing account is still available, so there is no need to create a new account for now.

  • The URL of the UTokyo Wi-Fi account menu will change. The new URL will be posted on the UTokyo Wi-Fi page of the portal site “utelecon”.
  • Previously it was necessary for a new account to be issued every six months. However, the new UTokyo Wi-Fi account will be valid until the end of April of the following fiscal year. Therefore, you only need to have a new account issued once a year.
  • The user ID for UTokyo Wi-Fi accounts used to be an 8-digit alphanumeric character string, but will follow at the end of the string in the new user ID.
  • Notification emails on account issuance used to be sent to the email address registered in the system (UTAS for students, Personnel Information MyWeb for faculty and staff members), but following the update, emails will be sent to the ECCS Cloud Email in addition to the registered email address. The same will apply to notification emails on account expiration.
    • The address of the notification email will be “10-digit Common ID +”; emails addressed to this can be viewed in the same mailbox as the ECCS Cloud Email that you have set up for yourself.
  • When you issue your account, you will be able to check your password not only in the notification email, but also on the UTokyo Wi-Fi account menu.
  • The UTokyo Wi-Fi account menu, which used to be accessible only from domestic networks, will now be accessible from overseas as well.


Security measures

We continue to implement the UTokyo Wi-Fi security measures.

  • UTokyo Wi-Fi users are still required to take the Information Security Education course each fiscal year. Please be sure to follow the instructions and take the course for next year and beyond.
  • We may contact the user if we detect communication that may cause a security problem. UTokyo Wi-Fi Task Force was in charge of making the contact, but from now on, the staff of your department (Department CERT) may also contact the user. Please be aware that your account may be suspended if you do not reply.

eduroam will become available directly with your UTokyo Wi-Fi account

  • You will be able to use UTokyo Wi-Fi account user ID and password to connect to eduroam, a wireless LAN service that allows mutual use among universities and research institutions.
    • Only UTokyo Wi-Fi accounts issued after January 31, 2023 will be eligible for this.
  • For the time being, you can continue to use your existing eduroam account issued from the EDUROAM for members site.
    • When you connect to eduroam in the University of Tokyo with your existing eduroam account, you could omit the when entering your user ID, but this measure will be discontinued following the update.
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