Revocation of Zoom Accounts for Those Who Have Left the University of Tokyo

July 2022
Division for Information and Communication Systems

The University of Tokyo has been issuing Zoom accounts to all members of the University (students, faculty, staff, etc.) since March 2020 in order to accommodate the shift of classes to online due to the impact of COVID-19.

Zoom accounts are provided to current members of the University of Tokyo, so if you leave the University of Tokyo (graduate, retire, etc.), you will no longer be eligible to use Zoom at that time. Although some of these accounts are still available due to operational reasons for now, such accounts will be revoked from July 2022 in order to ensure continued operation in the future.

Accounts to be revoked

  • For accounts signed in with UTokyo Account (10-digit Common ID followed by, such as, the account will be revoked if the UTokyo Account has expired due to leaving the university.
    • Therefore, even if you have changed your affiliation, your account is not subject to revocation as long as you are still using the same UTokyo Account.
  • For accounts other than UTokyo Account sign-in, revocation will be applied to accounts registered with an email address of ECCS Cloud Email ( that is no longer valid due to a leaving or a change of email address.
    • If an email address of ECCS Cloud Email has been changed and a Zoom account is registered with the old email address, the account will be revoked in the same manner as those who have left the university, since it is difficult to confirm whether the user is still a member of the university or not.
    • As previously announced in the “Using Zoom with Non-UTokyo Account Sign-in”, accounts other than UTokyo Account sign-in will be disabled as part of the sign-in method transition, even if the account does not meet the criteria above.


Since the users subject to the account revocation are those who are no longer members of the University Tokyo and are not eligible to use Zoom, we will not make any exceptions to the revocation policy in principle, even if you contact us. If you are a current member of the University of Tokyo and need confirmation of the account revocation (for example, if your UTokyo Account has changed due to a temporary separation from the university or a change in your status between student and faculty/staff), please contact the Technical Support Desk via the email form.

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