Student Care・Department/School Registration Form

The following inquiries are increasing after the classes start.

In such cases, each department / major can actually contact the instructor in charge, care for the student, and follow up after the case.

Therefore, we ask at least one faculty member from each department and school, and additional faculty members and clerical staff if necessary, to register to this form. We will create a mailing list of those people, and forward all of the inquiries (students who should be in contact with their faculty professors and clerical work) that should be notified to the department / major to the mailing list. We do not divide emails by department or school. We will forward all inquiries to the same mailing list. Appropriate departments and schools should receive them and contact the student. If we get too many inquiries, we will consider distributing them between departments. (As of now, April 15, we currently only receive a few inquiries a day to our inquiry email address.)

“Taking care” does not necessarily mean providing technical care. It means not leaving students alone, such as listening to students individually in the case like (a) above, contacting the teacher in charge of the lesson, telling them what to do, and keeping students informed in cases like (b). We will reply directly to those who need appropriate technical support, and we will also respond to questions from departments and majors. Please contact us via

Please make sure that only teachers and faculty staff sregister in this form, as in some cases emails which includes students’ personal situation may be sent to the mailing list.

The University of Tokyo Online Class Support Group

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