Restricting Access to Zoom Meeting Rooms for Online Classes

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This page introduces methods to prevent unintended participants (so-called “trolls” or Zoom Bombing) from joining Zoom meeting rooms used for online classes.

Methods of Restricting Access to Zoom Meetings

Below are common methods of restricting user access to Zoom meeting rooms. We recommend using either method A or B for online classes at UTokyo. C and D are also commonly used, but we do not recommend them for online classes at our university for the reasons mentioned below.

Choosing your Access Restriction Method

Take into consideration the following when selecting an access restriction method for your online class. Pros and cons of the aforementioned methods will also be discussed respectively.

Points of Consideration

Pros and Cons of the Access Restriction Methods

Please choose the most appropriate method based on the nature of your class and student population. Kindly also check whether your department has its own policy on access restriction.

Implementing Access Restriction in Zoom

Fields to Edit

You can restrict access to a Zoom meeting room by editing the following fields (1) to (3).

Setup for each Access Restriction Method

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