2020/05/20 Training: Class Supporters

  • Time: 5/20(Wed) 15:00-17:00(a recording of the training will be released at a later date, for those who cannot attend the training on this day)

  • Place: Online (Zoom) and YouTube
       Check the “Briefing Session Information Sheet” at the bottom of this page


The class supporter program started on April 16, and many teachers are already implementing it in their classes. Although delayed since the start of the program, we will hold a workshop for training of class supporters as follows.
     The contents deal with the purpose and work contents of the class supporter system, and we will open a lot of time for questions and answers. We hope this is an opportunity for teachers and students enrolled as class supporters to know each other.
   In addition, since our university is currently working on Level 3 to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, participation in the training will be provided via Zoom.


We will explain the purpose of the class supporter program, the outline of the program, procedures, and work contents. We also plan to accept and answer questions. 

Who MUST attend the training?

  • Those who are class supporters
  • If you become a class supporter, please make the possible to attend this training. If you are unable to attend the class on the day of the event, please watch the recording as it will be made available later.

Who else can attend?

  • Those planning to become class supporters soon(NOTE: this will be a non-paid training)
  • Faculty members that want to know more about the class supporters (NOTE: this training is designed for the class supporters)


  • Briefing Session Information Sheet (Please apply from the participation application form link at the top of this Excel sheet in this URL before the start of Wednesday, May 20. Like this, we can have an idea of the number of participants).

    • To access, you need to be signed in to Google with an ECCS cloud mail (xxx@g.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp) account.
    • If you have trouble accessing it, please sign in with ECCS Cloud Email here.
    • If you have never used ECCS cloud email, click hereto make initial settings for account use.
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