2020/04/16 Briefing session - Two weeks after the start of S semester

Table of Contents

Event Summary:

It has been about two weeks since the S semester started. Some courses have actually started online classes. In order to promote the lesson smoothly in the future, we will hold a briefing session to widely share information and discuss the issues that have been recognized so far and the upcoming challenges. This briefing session will be held only through online participation according to the activity regulation level of the University.

Contents (planned)

Since there are many topics to be discussed in this briefing, it is expected that we will focus on explanation and will not be able to spend much time asking questions, but

These handouts will be updated until the last minute.

Contents Briefing: Two weeks after the start of S semester (Taura)

  1. Online class URL notification method (update) (Taura)
  2. Student care and communication system between departments and majors (Taura)
  3. Network environment support for online classes (Taura)
  4. About class supporters (Taura)
  5. SARTRAS decision regarding the use of copyrighted material (Taura)
  6. Account and email address (Kudo)
  7. Online class communication volume (Kudo)
  8. Update about Zoom (Yoshida)
  9. Online Class Tips (Yoshida)
  10. Conclusion

Eligibility/ Target


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