Online Education Supporters

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November 19, 2021

What are Online Education Supporters?

“Online Education Supporters (OES)” are students who commit to enhancing and promoting online education.

Since the University of Tokyo started to offer online education on a large scale in Spring 2020, the University Center for General Education and Research and the Information Technology Center have been taking the lead in launching university-wide support activities for online education. The utelecon website was established and support services such as class supporters supporting online classes and a common supporter system dealing with technical problems throughout the university have been in place.

As online systems develop, extension service provision becomes indispensable to cover updated systems and frameworks. OES was therefore established in January 2021 to take on a wider range of tasks related to online education while incorporating students’ ideas.

As of November 2021, about 30 of our students are working as OES. These students are of different majors and degree levels. They work together and make use of their expertise and specialties.

Job of OES

OES performs the following tasks in collaboration with faculty members and system administrators. Through this, we aim to improve utelecon and the quality of online education itself.

OES is managed by the Division for Quality Enhancement of Higher Education, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, in collaboration with other centers and departments depending on the contents of the activities.

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