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Technical Support Desk

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To expand our support services for the new academic year, we have introduced a new support desk which is co-operated by student staff ("common supporters") and faculty members.

Important Notes on Privacy and Confidentiality of Information

Support via Chat

A chatbot (an automated response robot) or a human operator will respond to your inquiries made on a chat. The chatbot will initially respond to your inquiry. If necessary, a student operator (also called a “common supporter”) will take over and answer your questions.

Business hours(Automated response):24 hours
Businees hours(Operator):Mon-Fri, 8:25a.m. - 6:40pm
Start a chat (Click on the “Chat Support Available (チャットサポートで質問できます)” widget at the bottom right of your screen)

Support via Zoom

A student operator (also called a “common supporter”) will answer questions and offer consultation in a Zoom meeting room. You can speak, exchange text messages, and share screens with the operator. When you access the Zoom meeting room, you will first be taken to a waiting room. Please wait there for your turn.

Business hours:Mon-Fri, 8:25 a.m. - 6:40 p.m.
Access the Zoom meeting room (Click on the link under “Meeting room information of Zoom support” on the “Online Course Information” page)

Support via Email

A student operator (also called a “common supporter”) will receive your inquiry submitted through an email form, and respond to it through email. Faculty members will take over if the issue cannot be resolved by student staff. Inquiries that include confidential information such as personal grades, will be handled by faculty members. To ensure that such inquiries are directly sent to faculty members (and not opened by student operators), please click on the “I would like to be supported only by faculty members” checkbox in the email form.

Business hours: 24 hours
Submit an email form

Other Support

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Please visit the FAQ page.

QA Forum

We have a Q&A forum for questions and discussions. After registration, you can view past discussions and post new questions. For registration and more, please visit “QA Forum and Mailing List for Announcements”.

Contact through Email

If the email form is not working, please send a direct email to The email will first be checked by faculty staff and, if appropriate, will be passed on to student staff. Please send your email using either the Zoom troubleshooting template or the common troubleshooting template below.

Zoom Troubleshooting Template

Affiliation: (Department/Faculty/Course taken/Any other else)
Position or Grade: ”Faculty Staff”/ “Student (B1, B2, etc.)”
UTokyo Account(10 digits): 
ECCS Cloud Email Address: ***********(characters/numbers of your choice)
Can you sign in Zoom with (UTokyo Account(10 digits)) "Yes"/ "No"
If "Yes", please tell us your user type and capacity:
Details of inquiry:
Common Troubleshooting Template

Affiliation: (Department/Faculty/Course taken/Any other else)
Position or Grade: : ”Faculty Staff”/ “Student (B1, B2, etc.)”
UTokyo Account(10 digits):
Details of inquiry :  
Please provide the following information as far as possible.

a) Which system (e.g. UTAS, Webex) support are you seeking?
b) What did you try to do? If possible, please name the materials and websites that you referred to.
c) Please describe the problem in detail.