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This page presents you a wide range of information and tips that helps you to utilize when you conduct online classes, such as the use of various information systems and practical cases. In addition to the articles posted on this portal site, there are faculty members who help share information with us.

Additionally, more contents will be uploaded soon such as a good use of online classes and case studies drawn from the online classes in 2020AY. We will keep it up to date so please check this page regularly.

For those who have not prepared for using the information system, firstly access Getting Ready for Online Classes (For Staff).

Sharing Good Practices

Sharing of Good Practices

Here is a web page for sharing good practices of online classes conducted in our university. It includes interviews with professors who received many positive comments from the student questionnaires about online classes.

Online Class Information Exchange Meeting

Online Class Information Exchange

This is a luncheon seminar held once a week for the purpose of sharing useful information on online classes, such as practical examples (good practices) and how to use various tools. Videos recorded in the past and materials are also available for reference.

How to use tools

We are currently working on a new article based on the online classes in 2020. We will update it as needed, so please keep checking regularly.

Resources shared with us

Here are the resources shared by faculty members. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. If you would like to share new materials, please contact us at Or, if you are familiar with Github, please fork the utelecon Github, add information in the new information area below, and send us a pull request. We will organize the information in the new information section accordingly.

What’s New

If you like to send us new information, please contact us here.

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Considerations for online classes

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How to make your work more efficient

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