How to use Zoom

Table of Contents

In this section we give concrete directions on how to use Zoom.

The following screen is displayed when entering a meeting room(this screenshot shows a meeting room with only 1 participant). If you move the mouse cursor over the Zoom screen, the menu bar shown in the figure below will pop up.

The menu buttons are explained from left to right (some version may not display all the buttons as here).

  1. Microphone mark : Press this to mute (mute) or unmute (the screen shows “mute off” because it is currently muted). Pressing the arrow mark next to it enables you to make settings related to the microphone.
  2. Video mark : Press to turn the video on or off (the screen shows “Start Video” because the camera is currently off). Pressing the up mark next to it will allow you to make video settings.
  3. Invitation : You can send an invitation by e-mail. Since the organizer and participants already know the URL of the conference room, they can invite others by sharing the meeting URL.
  4. Screen Share : You can share screens in your device.
  5. Reactions : You can express reactions by sending “applause” or “agree” emoji.
  6. Details : Menus that could not fit on the screen are included here (If the screen width is large enough, all menus will be displayed on the screen and “Details” may not be displayed). Participants : Displays a list of participants.
    Chat : text chat.
    Record on this computer : You can record if your host allows it. This button is often not used by anyone other than the organizer.
  7. Leave meeting : Leave the meeting. A confirmation screen appears after you press it, so you do not exit immediately when you press the button.

The following describes the details of the menu items mostly used.

Microphone advanced settings

If you press the upper mark next to the microphone mark, an additional menu will appear. Below is a brief description of each command.

Advanced video settings

If you press the upper mark next to the video mark, an additional menu will appear. Below is a brief description of each option.

Screen sharing

When you press the menu “Share screen”, the options of screens to be shared appear. Select the desired one and press “Share” to start sharing the screen.


Pressing the menu “Participants” will bring up a screen where you can see a list of participants.


If you press the menu “Chat”, text chat will be available. It is important to note that if you log in from the middle of a meeting, you will not be able to see past text chats. Therefore, it is important to wait and send texts after every member has joined the meeting.