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When you log in, the following time table will be displayed. 出講表1 This timetable is from October 2022, when there was no class. If you select “2022” for “Academic year” and “S1” for “Term/Semester” in the red square pull-down menu in the figure, you can check the classes scheduled to be offered in the S semester in 2022. “Term/Semester” are specified in terms of terms, but for S semester classes, the same class will be displayed in both “S1” and “S2”.Procedure 出講表2 If you select “Academic year” and “Term/Semester”, the classes registered in UTAS will be displayed as shown above. There are lectures in Tuesday 2nd period and Thursday 4th period. Clicking on each class will allow you to register lecture content and make settings for the lecture (called “course” in the LMS manuals, etc.).

When you have multiple classes in the same period

In Tuesday 2nd period, you can see two lectures registered in the same frame. This may be the case for classes that are offered by different departments under different names. If you register them in the same course group using the “Course group registration” function, you can treat it as one course (you can see two courses in the same frame even after registering the course group).

To see how to use “Course group registration”, go to the “Manual” link in the red square on the screen, download the PDF file “ITC-LMS_Instructor Manual” from the page, and refer to “11.1 Course Group Registration.” Procedure

When your class does not show on the time table at the designated time

We have listed some possible reasons & solutions in case your class does not show on the timetable.


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