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How to upload teaching materials

  1. Click the ⊕ button at the lower left of the “Teaching Materials” tab (fourth from the top.)

    • Create a new “Teaching Material”. 教材

  2. In the “Editing materials” page, fill in the following information.

    • Title
      • It is recommended to write the title indicating the class in which the material was used, e.g. “Week 1 Lecture Material (4/6)”
    • Contents of teaching materials (optional)
      • Describe the contents of the teaching materials.
    • Release period
      • For example, specify a period from the day before the class to the end of the first semester.
      • To avoid busy access to the ITC-LMS, please do not set the start time of class to the last minute of class start time.
    • Publish target
      • Usually, “All students” should be fine.
    • Teaching materials
      • Select the material type (file, link, video) and press the “Add” button.
      • When you add the material, the file name and URL of the material will be added at the bottom, so enter the title of the material separately.
      • You can add multiple materials by repeating this operation.
      • If you want to delete the added teaching material, press the “Operation” button at the right.

    教材 編集

  3. Click “Go to confirmation page” button.


  4. The “Teaching material contents registration” page will come up. Check the contents and click the “Register” button.

    教材 登録内容確認


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