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What is ITC-LMS

ITC-LMS is a learning management system of the University of Tokyo. Features of ITC-LMS include distribution of lecture materials, submission of assignments, online examinations, and notification from faculty members to students. Students need to be able to use this system to take online classes smoothly. In particular, to receive notices from instructors, students should enable notification settings following the instructions below.

(For instructors) Advantages of using ITC-LMS

Services of ITC-LMS are similar to other ICT class support tools. Noteworthy is that the system is linked to UTokyo Account and the Academic Affair System (UTAS) for course registration. This makes it very easy to pass information only to “students of UTokyo” or only to “students enrolled in the course”. It is presumed that almost every first or second year undergraduates have used this system. In other words, the penetration rate of ITC-LMS is high among students. When distributing lecture materials and collecting/returning assignments, using ITC-LMS is highly recommended.

Method

  1. Go to ITC-LMS and click “Login”.
  2. Unless you have already signed in, the UTokyo Account sign-in page will be displayed. Please sign in.

Notification Settings

To receive notices from instructors, students should enable the notification function following the instructions below. LINE notification is also available. If instructors enable the notification function, they will also receive notifications to receive messages from students and concerning assignment submissions.

  1. After logging in, click “Settings” in the upper right.
  2. This allows you to set up so you receive notifications regarding class material updates and class announcements. To receive notifications via LINE, click “Connect LINE” in the “SNS Account” field to link your LINE account. Thereafter, select “Receive by LINE” in the “Notice Information” field.
Troubleshooting guide
  • The “Linked e-mail address” in the “Forwarding e-mail address” field is not displayed: This may be due to your email address registered in UTAS not being reflected in the ITC-LMS yet. As it takes a day for it to be reflected, please try again on the following day.

(For Instructors) How to Use


All courses registered in UTAS are automatically registered in ITC-LMS for use.

How to prepare for classes

During classes

Reference information

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